Founding of the Cumberland Settlements includes:

  • 100 color pages placing 1,500 land grants, locating your ancestor’s land on a modern map.
  • A compact disk with transcriptions and original survey maps of all 1,500 deeds. Optional print-on-demand books of this fully indexed and searchable disk will be available for those who want a complete library of these original source documents.
  • A five-page listing of what became of each of the 244 signers of The Cumberland Compact. Short biographies of early families and citizens.
  • Charts and graphs of population, immigration, and demographics, with timelines showing historic context.
  • Twenty-eight pages of pioneer road maps, showing buffalo traces and salt licks, Indian warpaths, and pioneer forts and stations.
  • Twenty lavishly illustrated pages of color photos of ghost roads remaining today as well as historic art of David Wright and other recognized artists.
  • Survey techniques and tools used to parcel out the land.
  • Charts and maps showing dates and locations of 441 known settler deaths

Make sure to also check out the two book set Founding of the Cumberland Settlement Data Supplements, available now!